The Lighthouse Resource Center
"A company who serves the inmate population." 

We serve the inmate population in the United States. 
Our services allow inmates the ability to make copies of their photos & artwork, research stuff on the internet, located lost family members, post a pen pal ad, and more.  We have made it easy for the inmates to use our service by accepting postage stamps as a form of payment. We have a list of resources that are helpful to inmates. Within these resources they will find information on legal help, bible studies, further education, free books, media contacts and many other resource inmates will find useful.
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About The Lighthouse Resource Center

Lighthouse Resource Center, was dreamed up in a California Prison by an ex-con. His mother and wife produced the first ever catalog over 5 years ago. Having a loved on the inside we know what the needs and wants are of inmates. The LRC primary purpose is to bridge the gap between inmates and their loved ones, although we offer many services that just cater to the inmates needs.
The United States of America has 5% of the world population. Yet somehow we house 25% of the worlds prisoners. Don't you think that is a little out of balance? With our countries failed war on drug policies, minimum sentencing guidelines, and laws like California's 3 Strike law our prison systems are overcrowded and inhumane. The problem is so big, deep and widespread it cannot be fixed by any politician, human rights groups, or church.

One soul at a time is the only way we believe the system can be fixed. We at the LRC can't change the laws or the sentencing guidelines. However we can give people hope, help reunite them with their family.  You would be surprised if you know how many inmates don't have anyone they can even write a letter to.  

At the LRC, we are all family under the Lord Jesus Christ, inmates can write to us for resources and so much more. If you know an inmate who would like our services Click Here to learn more.